Our Bodies Are Listening

When fibromyalgia first arrived, it came on so strong that I was taken by surprise, and completely overwhelmed. What started as a shoulder injury turned into a level of full body pain I had never before experienced. I had no idea what was happening, and I was angry about what this was doing to my life. I was teaching high school full time (using up all my sick days), parenting two college students, and taking continuing education classes. After an assortment of doctors I finally had my diagnosis and could begin appropriate therapies. Wanting to help myself as much as possible, I read books, sought advice, consulted complementary medical resources, and practiced meditation. It was through meditation that I received the message that I needed to love myself and let go of my anger. My prolonged anger was hurting me.

Meditation opens the connection between alpha and theta brain waves, enhancing communication between mind and body. This offers a level of cooperation within our bodies that aids healing, often with dramatic results. Cleve Backster is a researcher who spent 36 years studying communication in plant, animal, and human cells. The results of his work show that we experience emotions even at the cellular level. When we treat ourselves with compassion and kindness, our bodies receive that emotional message and use this positive energy for health improvement. If the conversation we have with ourselves is loving, our thoughts and words produce elevated emotions that cooperate with healing. When we talk to ourselves in a harsh, self-critical way, we send our stress hormones soaring, aggravate inflammation, and become more susceptible to illness.

Our bodies are always listening and responding to every message we give it. Think of the potential this holds for everything from the common cold to cancer. Once I realized what was possible, I began my own program of letting go of anger and embracing myself with love. What a difference that made! Gradually I began improving first in the mental, emotional, spiritual realm. It felt so good to stop being angry because life wasn’t the way I wanted it to be, and focus on giving myself tender, loving care. Then I began to improve physically and learned to become patient with the process I was in. I was healing from the inside out. One by one I let go of all the pills, the TENS machine, and the medical professionals who were not helpful. Today I still have fibromyalgia, but it is minor instead of major. I am now in the habit of monitoring the messages I give my body because the connection is so clear; my well-being depends on it.

Here is another insight into the power of messages given to our bodies. Masaru Emoto, in his book The Hidden Messages in Water, writes, “Water faithfully mirrors all the vibrations created in the world, and changes these vibrations into a form that can be seen with the human eye.” His carefully done research, based on the knowledge that everything vibrates, has amazing results. In pictures he is able to capture what happens to water when it is given a specific message, and then frozen. Water given the message of love and compassion formed into light, clear, delicate crystals similar to snowflakes. Water given the message of hate and anger were unable to form crystals, and instead turn into dark, unformed blobs.

He reminds us that water makes up 70% of our bodies. What kind of messages are we giving our personal water? We give and receive vibrational energy constantly, and the messages our bodies receive are immediately absorbed. This is one reason why being around positive people is so important. Emoto also writes, “If you fill your heart with love and gratitude, you will find yourself surrounded by so much you can love and that you can feel grateful for, and you can even get closer to the life of health and happiness that you seek. But what will happen if you emit signals of hate, dissatisfaction, and sadness? Then you will probably find yourself in a situation that makes you hateful, dissatisfied, and sad.” The choice is ours.

Another way our bodies listen is through music. Sometimes we listen without being fully aware of its impact. Don Campbell, in his book The Mozart Effect, writes, “In an instant music can uplift our soul. It awakens within us the spirit of prayer, compassion, and love. It clears our minds and has been known to make us smarter. Music can dance and sing our blues away. It conjures up memories of lost lovers or deceased friends. It lets the child in us play. The monk in us to pray, the cowgirl in us to line dance, the hero in us surmount all obstacles. It helps the stroke patient find language and expression.” He lists six profound effects of listening to music:

  1. Music can slow down and equalize brain waves
  2. Music affects the heartbeat, pulse rate, and blood pressure
  3. Music can regulate stress-related hormones
  4. Music and sound can boost the immune function
  5. Music can boost productivity
  6. Music can strengthen memory and learning

Today there is healing music created to match the personal vibrations of our bodies. I know this works because I have used this kind of music in my journey through fibromyalgia, back surgery, and cancer. It does all the wonderful things mentioned above. Emoto also experimented with water and different types of music. Heavy metal with loud, angry, vulgar lyrics produced a dark, unformed blob. Beethoven, Chopin, The Beatles, and Elvis Presley all created well-shaped, light, intricately detailed crystals. Since our bodies are listening, what do we really want them to hear? Now we have even more reason to enjoy our favorite positive music – our bodies are listening.

Isn’t it helpful to know we are in charge of the messages we give our bodies? Let’s take our power of choice and select the messages we need today. And let’s be sure to share encouraging, affirming messages with all who need them. May your body rejoice in this day because every cell is responding to your loving messages.

Until Next Time – Sylvia

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