Reclaim Your Peace

If I had a life long enough to explore several untried careers, one of my choices would be archeology.  For me, carefully digging into secrets of the past, in a way that helps us better understand ourselves today, is fascinating.  Every carefully excavated item tells the story of how we evolved over time, and reveals the habits, culture, dangers, tragedies, and richness of earlier people.

However, there is more than one kind of archeology and, on a personal level, there are many ways to explore our inner lives with the anticipation of discovery.  When we are willing to look at our emotions, fear, sadness, and anger, we are digging for what we can learn.  If we have lost our inner peace, we need to discover the reason.  Without digging we miss discovering the gold of inner peacefulness!

Reclaiming our peace from the past requires excavating our emotions.  No matter how justified we feel holding onto past guilt, resentment, anger, regrets, or hurt, doing that contaminates all our relationships.  If we can resist the temptation to turn away from our pain, and instead face it, and feel it fully (no matter how scary it is), we avoid getting stuck in the victim role and open ourselves to healing.

Here’s what Eckhart Tolle says in his book The Power of Now: “Do not resist the pain.  Allow it to be there.  Surrender to the grief, despair, fear, loneliness, or whatever form the suffering takes.  Witness it without labeling it mentally.  Embrace it.  Then see how the miracle of surrender transmutes deep suffering into peace.  This is your crucifixion.  Let it become your resurrection and ascension.”  Notice Tolle is saying we need to feel it – not spend more time thinking about the details of the person or situation involved.  Feelings can only be healed by going through them, and going through them is how we bring light into the darkness.  When we use the power of our personal presence to dig through and bring light to our past, the healing energies of the universe are released.

Reclaiming our peace for the present means we know that even the most painful things happen for a reason, and the reason is to learn and grow on all levels.  It means we take time each day to listen to the still, small voice that is our peace guide.  When we realize the universe is working for us, not against us, we have excavated gold and everything in our lives is transformed into a gift, designed especially for us.  That means everyone else’s life is designed especially for them.  This creates an inner richness that no one can take from us – the excavated gold of peace is ours forever.

Gary Zukav writes this in his book Soul Stories; “When you see everything in your life as a way for you to learn important things about yourself, you start to look more closely at the things that happen in your life.  The more you do, the more you learn about yourself.  The more you learn about yourself, the more you can make things happen.  After a while, you are happy for everything that happens, even the things that are unpleasant.  Then everything that happens is a special gift.”

Every time we take a thought or word of negativity, and replace it with a thought or word of peace, we reclaim our own peace.  In moments of silent gratitude or prayer, we reclaim our peace.  When we can face our fears and trust that things will be alright, and when we finally believe that we don’t need to do anything to be loved, we reclaim our peace.  When we value who we are and live only in this moment, we reclaim our peace.

Can peace be part of cancer?  Our neighbor says yes, even though her diagnosis is scary.  Her doctors are finding metastasized tumors, but not the main tumor that is creating all the others.  More tests are scheduled.  She and her husband have a strong faith in a Higher Power which affects their attitude.   Beneath their emotional rollercoaster, there is visible calmness and peace.  They live in the knowledge that, no matter how bad it looks on the outside, all is well.  They are digging through the top soil of cancer to find the hidden gold in this experience.

Melody Beattie says this about peace: “Peace is available if we choose it.  In spite of chaos and unresolved problems around us, all is well.  Things work out.  We can surround ourselves with the resources of the universe: water, earth, a sunset, a walk, a prayer, a friend.  We can relax and let ourselves feel peace.”  Let’s enrich our lives by exploring our personal archeology and reclaiming our peace.

Until Next Time – Sylvia


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