The Rhythm of Life

“If you study the rhythm of life on this planet, you will find that everything moves in perfect symphony with everything else – by grand divine design. The earth has the ability to heal and regenerate itself, just as our oceans have the ability to replenish themselves by turning over their debris with the waves to wash them ashore. This perfect orchestration of the cycle of life is one of the Creator’s greatest and most beautiful miracles.” (Suzy Kassem) Everything about us including our minds, bodies, and spirit is a part of the rhythm of life’s cycles. And all things in nature, such as plants, trees, oceans, animals, and birds, have their steady rhythmic cycles.

We can see the rhythm of life in nature. It is seen in the ebb and flow of tides that follow a monthly pattern tied to the moon’s gravitational pull. Recently I read that air temperature determines the rhythmic timing of the cricket’s chirp. And we have all watched large groups of birds obeying their inner rhythm that tells them where and when to fly for needed climate and food. Even sunflowers have a circadian rhythm that guides them to begin the day facing east and finish the day facing west. And this points toward the rhythm of sunrise and sunset.

The author Mark Nepo suggests that every form of life goes through the process of emerging, coming together, creating new life, falling apart, dying, and reemerging in a new way. Just as nature has its seasons throughout the year, our individual experiences create their own similar seasons of joy or sorrow, creating our personal ebb and flow. The rhythm of life, death, and rebirth is universal.

We can hear the rhythm of life in music. Often we get in touch with our own personal rhythm through music. Michael Jackson wrote, “To live is to be musical, starting with the blood dancing in your veins. Everything living has a rhythm. Do you feel your music?” Music understands our moods, shares our private moments, and speaks when we have no words. When I have had extended periods of illness and wanted to help myself in any way I could, I have used music that is created especially for healing. The notes and timed beats resonate with the body’s natural vibrations to help relieve stress, offer comfort, and promote healing. Strange as this may sound, there is strong science behind this. For a list of choices in this area, all you need to do is Google ‘healing music’ to find something that will work for you. “Our biological rhythms are the symphony of the cosmos, music embedded deep within us to which we dance, even when we can’t name the tune.” (Deepak Chopra)

We can feel the rhythm of life in our bodies. Rob Bell offers a good place to start: “You just took a breath. You’re about to take another. Inhale, then exhale, then another inhale. In and out. There’s a rhythm in your breathing.” Add to that the rhythm of our brain waves, heartbeat, and blood flow. More body rhythm is seen in the comforting daily cycles of sleep and wakefulness, rest and play, solitude and social time, and eating at regular intervals.

The more sensitive we are to our personal rhythms, the more effective we can be in determining what we need. And when our daily lives, with their regular routines, are interrupted by illness, we are given the opportunity to experience a new rhythm, and discover that we are stronger and more durable than we may think. Whether static or changing, the rhythm of life is the powerful beat under all that happens. Enjoy its cadence, honor its presence, and feel the joy of your individual rhythm. Take this advice from Mehmet Murat who writes, “Don’t let anybody ruin your inner joy or interfere in your marvelous rhythm!”

If we embrace the ebb and flow of our days, we are honoring the tempo of our lives. This makes us happier, more productive, less stressed, and grateful for what each day brings. We know when darkness comes light will follow, as joy will follow sorrow. Feel the rhythm of your life, and celebrate how far you’ve come – how healing it is to connect with others in this personal way. May you feel the perfect harmony of your life’s cycles and know that, whenever changes occur, there will always be beauty in the rhythm of your sacred life dance.

Until Next Time – Sylvia

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