Walking Each Other Home

We need each other. Time alone certainly gives us insights into knowing who we are, but there are some things about ourselves that can only be learned through interaction with others. It is being with other people, and experiencing life together, that allows us to know ourselves more fully. Together we provide transformational material for each other’s journeys that can lead to becoming whole in a new way. We are here to help each other gain clarity so we can come home to ourselves in deep and profound ways. It was Ram Dass who wrote, “We’re all just walking each other home.”

“Home is where the heart is” is a popular saying. Sometimes we lose connection with our heart and feel a deep yearning that can be hard to articulate. Finding our way back home to our heart is not done in isolation. Our lives have family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and even adversaries that become our travel companions on our journey home. Some of the people we walk with are lifelong companions, while others are with us for a limited time before our paths diverge.

Some short-lived relationships might feel like detours, but they are very much a part of our path. And although certain people can create hardship in our life, their presence helps us clarify our priorities. It’s just as important to know what we don’t want as it is to know what we do want to be and experience. This enables us to leave unhealthy relationships, seek a different job, choose a new doctor, or question an illness treatment plan. The pain of a difficult situation can be transformed when we are committed to learning and growing into our most authentic self.

Recently I read a story of a young woman whose husband showed her how to stand tall, to know who she was, and be true to herself. That became a beautiful and indelible part of who she is today. Entering into any relationship with intention and awareness enhances our ability to walk each other home. What if we looked at all the people we encounter daily, whether they are conscious of it or not, as playing a part in walking us home? What if we are playing a role in their homeward journey? How might we choose to be with someone if, at least for the moment, we are walking homeward side by side?

This is what we do in Friends After Diagnosis. We say a soft word, give a gentle touch, embrace with a hug, listen with focus, and encourage with presence. We specialize in walking each other home again and again. Know you’re in the right place for companionship in your journey home. Following are two stanzas in a song by Stuart Stotts about walking each other home:

Whatever story you may tell

To the world or to yourself

Right through heaven or through hell

We’re walking each other home.


A word that’s soft and a touch that’s kind

An open heart and a patient mind

No one will be left behind

We’re walking each other back home.     


Until Next Time – Sylvia

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