Keeping the Lightbulb Connected

In his book Falling Upward, Richard Rohr describes a conversation he had with Desmond Tutu when they were together in Cape Town. They were talking about the need for a guiding light when Desmond Tutu said, “We are only the light bulbs, Richard, and our job is just to remain screwed in.”

Staying connected – that’s the secret for light bulbs and people. When we align ourselves with the high vibrations of positive energy, we invite love, synchronicity, gratitude, and healthy choices into our life. We’re able to honor and respect ourselves. Living in love offers the highest vibrational frequency for the best connection. Dr. David R. Hawkins writes, “Love is a state of being – it is a forgiving, nurturing, and supporting way of relating to the world…..It has the capacity to lift others and accomplish great feats because of its purity of motive.”

The opposite of living in love is living in fear. Fear lowers our energy, promoting doubt and worry, which sabotage our personal connection to optimism. This low energy attracts more low energy until we are completely disconnected, and our personal power and self-worth are diminished. It’s through our thoughts that we choose love or fear, so one important way to stay “screwed in” is to monitor the messages we are giving ourselves.

One of the most important ways to bring a guiding light to our lives is to trust in something greater than ourselves. When we’re connected it doesn’t matter if we call it the Great Spirit, Higher Self, Universe, Divine Being, God, or any other name. Alexander Graham Bell said, “What this power is I cannot say. All I know is that it exists.” This positive energy enhances every aspect of life and, as our path is illuminated, we see clearly and others receive the light that overflows. We can ask for guidance and help. What a relief – we don’t have to do all the work.

Respecting and honoring ourselves is another way to turn on our guiding light. Let’s check our choices and make sure they promote physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. Let’s leave past mistakes in the past so they don’t sabotage the present. When something doesn’t feel right, let’s give it the time it needs for clarity. And let’s check again to make sure we are living in love, not fear.

Another powerful vibrational frequency is gratitude. Connecting to gratitude lights up our lives and becomes a beautiful circle for attracting more high energy. Gratitude turns a little into abundance, a meal into a feast, and a difficult experience into a gift. When we start looking at all the gifts there are in our lives, we start to see the gift in everything. And when we do this, no matter what is happening, our quality of life escalates, positive energy naturally flows, and our light shines.

Another positive connection is found when we choose to become part of Friends After Diagnosis. This group is full of love, gratitude, support, and respect. It honors the light in all of us so choices and concerns can be shared. The message from Richard Rohr and Desmond Tutu is to stay connected (screwed in) and the light will take care of everything else. Keep shining!

Until Next Time – Sylvia

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