The Closet That Went Berserk!

You may have one of these in your house. It’s that area that used to be completely organized, or at least passably organized, that suddenly takes on the persona of something that is both scary and out of control. No longer can anything be found because the area has gone berserk.

Recently a closet in my house did that and I was taken by surprise. Every other closet is organized and easy to work in, so what happened to this one? All I could do was stand in the middle of the storage room, shaking my head, and slowly begin to acknowledge the numerous times both my husband and I had hurriedly shoved items anywhere, to be put in their proper place later. Later never came.

There were hints of trouble along the way but they were ignored. I was living Ellen DeGeneres’ philosophy of, “Procrastinate now, don’t put it off.” When I was finally willing to look at it, the mess was overwhelming.

When working with anything gone berserk, the only way to keep sanity is to divide the project into very small tasks and do a little each day. Ignoring the rest of the mess, I began on my project shelves: sorting what to keep, recycle, or donate. Once that was done I experienced such a strong feeling of accomplishment that I could begin looking at other shelves. This new project is ongoing, but at least one box is addressed each day, and I am lighter in mind and spirit as clutter is sorted and reduced. Outer order brings inner calm.

Ignoring a mess only makes it worse, not just in our homes but in our health as well. My mother ignored all the signs of ill health in her body. When she was told she had cancer, it was so far advanced that she died a month after her diagnosis. She showed me what happens when we don’t pay attention to our bodies and, like clutter, let symptoms accumulate. My sister and I have both had cancer, but it was diagnosed early and our outcomes were entirely different from Mom’s.

If we don’t take care of ourselves, our health can become unmanageable. Nothing is too small to mention to our doctors, and nothing is insignificant when we are dealing with cancer. The treatment process can be overwhelming, but if we take one day, or one hour, or one minute at a time, it’s manageable. If we break down the hard parts, it’s doable, and we know each step we take prepares us for the next. Let’s affirm to ourselves and each other that we have the strength, courage, and ability to face challenge as it comes. Let’s call on resolve and confidence to avoid the disaster of procrastination. And let’s claim the inner peace that comes when we’re taking our days one small step at a time.

Our homes affect our physical and mental well-being, so we need to make them places of comfort, calm, and restoration. Berserk does not foster health on any level. So, little by little we clear the clutter, the closet, and the calendar. We keep each appointment, show up for each test, follow the treatment plan, and commit to our health and well-being. Whether it’s a closet or cancer, let’s avoid going berserk!

Until Next Time – Sylvia

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