It’s Time To Lighten Up

Do you need a hearty laugh as much as I do? We’re all dealing with a load of stressors and the holidays are here. It’s time to take a break and lighten up. As I read about the benefits of laughter it became clear that humor is a fast and fun way to get mind and body back in balance. It can lighten our challenges, inspire hope, keep us focused and alert, improve our health, and draw us together in a delightful way. So, here’s to brightening our day and improving our health.

This is for our Ride Beyond Diagnosis equestrian Friends

Hope you’re starting to relax. Did you know a hearty laugh releases stress and tension for up to 45 minutes? Here’s something for those of us trying to work from home.

Laughter helps lighten the emotions of frustration and disappointment. Had any of that recently? Since laughter relaxes the whole body and boosts the immune system let’s indulge. Ever feel like this?

         It’s been a rough day!

Laughter releases endorphins and can temporarily relieve pain. Here’s to those moments in parenting when we wonder, “What were we thinking?”

Baby girl.
Frustrated lioness
But I don’t want to walk!
There’s too much drama!

Let’s improve our mood and add some zest to our day with a few embarrassing moments. Identify with any of these?

Laughter helps us let go of our defensiveness so we can release judgements and criticisms. We become more spontaneous when we stop over thinking. Every centenarian I’ve seen interviewed, when asked their secret to longevity, had an active sense of humor on their list. Science even supports the idea that laughter helps us live longer. So, here are a few more pictures just for the fun of it.

Laughter is a valuable resource any time of year. It’s a tool for overcoming problems, enhancing relationships, and supporting health. Let’s do it as often as possible now, and throughout the holidays!

I saw you first!

Until Next Time – Sylvia                                                                                                       

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