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Finding “Yes” In A COVID Christmas

The Art Of Mono-Tasking

It’s Time To Lighten Up

A Thanksgiving Blessing

You Raise Me Up

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Releasing What No Longer Works

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Holding Hands During A Pandemic

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Nurturing Through Nature

Vitamin F: Forgiveness and Freedom

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Running On Empty

The Power Of Perseverance

Not Yet

Fragile: Handle With Loving Care

Finding Our Way

Challenges Are Opportunities In Disguise

Calling On Courage

Celebrating Our Diversity With Unity

Inside The Chrysalis

Mind The Gap

Being Positive — In Spite Of Circumstances

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Mountain Wilderness

Life’s Little Pleasures

Finding Hope

Bossy Pants

Seeing Clearly

Comforting Ourselves When We’re Most Uncomfortable

Choosing Not To Live In Fear

Color’s Gifts

A Message From Wild Blueberries

Finding Beauty

Just Give It A Little Hug

Happiness Hangover

A Christmas Blessing

Take It Easy On Yourself

Keeping the Light Bulb Connected

Soul Stories

Hidden Treasure

The Closet That Went Berserk

Gecko Eyes

Stepping Backward, Moving Forward

The Orange Butterfly

Holding Hands

Stillness Under the Ancient Oak

Is Looking the Same as Seeing?

The Powerful Gift of Choice

Celebrations Aren’t Just for Holidays

Staying Calm While the River’s Rising

Asking for What We Need

Walking Each Other Home

Horses and Healing

Becoming Self-Aware

Sacred Idleness

New Beginnings

Honoring Our Feelings

Changing the Present — Giving Differently

No Matter What

Finding Home: Friendship House

Thanking Ourselves

Everyday Success and Ripples

Share a Laugh

Recess Isn’t Just for Kids

Daring to be Authentic

Our Bodies Are Listening

Going in Circles Does Not Mean You’re Lost

Creating Inner Peace

You are an Artist

Intuition: Our Internal GPS

Be Willing to Embrace What Shows Up

Inviting Joy and a Light Heart

Trust Your Journey

The Rhythm of Life

What’s Prettier than Freckles?

Reclaim Your Peace

Deep Listening

Keep it Simple

Self-care for 2018

In Praise of Slowness

Living In Between

The Gift of Receiving

Meeting Coach Jenn

Chaos, Noise, and Grit

Balance — Where Are You?

Counting the Days of October

Silence After the Storm

Irma’s Angels

Important Information About Lymphedema

The Art of Waiting

Embracing the Ordinary

Have You Had Your Hug Today?

Let It Go!

Changing Perspective

Keeping a Gratitude Journal

Last Row Beyond Diagnosis Class

Rx For Any Day: Laughter

Look Beneath the Surface

Life Lesson at the Grocery Store

Give Yourself a Break

Row Beyond Diagnosis Lesson #4

New Advance in Reconstruction

Two “Firsts” in One Week

Kindness Abounds – Rowing After Diagnosis Program

Hello, It’s Me, Sylvia