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Attracting positive energy is all about our thoughts and our spiritual connection. Our mind is a powerful tool in creating the relationships and the way we want to live. We know when we’re in the presence of anger, meanness, or destructive energy, just like we know when we’re around kindness, compassion and love. We can feel the energy. In a world full of negative messages, it’s a pleasure to meet someone who radiates kind behavior with their words and actions. Sometimes we’re not sure what makes the difference, but we know we feel good around certain people.

How do they do it? Positive people know this is an inside job that’s independent of what is happening in their life. They’re conscious of their thoughts and feelings, which are the foundation of what we attract into our life. This doesn’t mean we pretend everything’s alright when it isn’t. It means the comfort of inner peace will be found along the way because we are focusing on what we have, and where we need to go from here. Our inner life is reflected in our outer life through our habits, relationships, and lifestyle choices, and it all begins with our powerful thoughts.

We can’t avoid negative people or discussions, but we can limit them. My husband and I once went to a card party where the host and hostess spent the entire evening criticizing and picking on each other in front of the group. It was so unpleasant that we felt battle weary driving home and decided not to socialize with them anymore. Negative energy does affect us, so we need to protect ourself as much as possible. Positive energy also affects us. Our thoughts and our spiritual connection to the people and world around us carry more power than we may realize.

Here’s what I’ve learned from people who are positive energy magnets. Attracting positive energy is enhanced by spending time with people who practice kindness, generosity and compassion. Removing criticism, gossip, and judgement from our encounters with others uplifts our energy and the energy of those around us. Positive energy follows seeking positive content in what we read and view. I want to be informed about what is happening in the world but I limit time with news and, since it’s always problem filled, I counter it with a magazine publication that features nothing but positive events and innovations happening around the world. This creates balance.

Positive energy thrives on gratitude which is a great way to begin the day. This is how to power charge the rest of the day with more to be grateful for. I’ve noticed clutter and chaos are eliminated from homes and calendars by those who are filled with positive energy. This can be a challenge, but it’s also a transformational process that takes time, so patience is needed. Daily affirmations can be helpful to affirm what we want to attract. 

Enjoying silence is another magnet for positive energy which allows us to truly listen to our inner selves where wisdom is located. A strong spiritual life makes it possible for beauty and inspiration to be found everywhere. Rest is valued as well as appropriate movement. Emotions are honored, even the tough ones, so challenges and difficulties are given their due with the understanding that this is a process moving toward hope and a solution. Time is made for personal wellbeing.

This process of attracting positive energy is available to everyone. It requires awareness and intention for gentle shifts to happen. The process is changing one habit at a time, and the reward is becoming a gifted positive energy magnet. The more we attract positive energy, the more we’ll change our life in delightful ways. Since our energy affects everyone around us, others benefit from our positivity. Let’s be gentle with ourselves and ease into the process of attracting more positive energy. Soon we’ll feel the shift, so enjoy the journey and the rewards.

Until Next Time – Sylvia

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