Cultivating Confidence

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Confidence is believing in ourself and our ability to handle life’s challenges. It isn’t about being loud and aggressive; it’s about knowing who we are and embracing our priorities. It’s about believing in our worth and capabilities even though we make mistakes along the way. This is a quality we all need to succeed in our careers, relationships, communities, crisis management and ordinary daily activities. If confidence can provide a deep sense of being able to handle anything, then it’s worth having. Let’s look at how it’s cultivated.

Sometimes a boost in confidence can be as simple as a compliment. Years ago, a man who I respected complimented me several times on my writing ability. It inspired me to continue to practice my skill. This, combined with my husband’s encouragement, helped me build the confidence I needed to bring me to the place of publishing a book. It’s the practice we put into something that builds confidence. Let’s enjoy the compliments that come our way.

We cultivate confidence when we take care of ourself without feeling guilty. Personal time is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. Investing in ourself increases the quality of our life so we are healthier mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Prioritizing well-being and growth increase our feelings of worthiness, which boosts confidence.

Confident people hold themselves accountable when they make a mistake. It takes complete honesty to admit our part of a problem instead of blaming others. Then we make needed changes. Making amends shows willingness to change which takes courage and confidence. Sometimes we need to ask for help which is a sign of strength, not weakness. There is value in collaboration and community so being open to assistance can strengthen relationships.

Comparing ourself to other people is a sure way of damaging confidence. Instead let’s look at the progress we’ve made and celebrate that. Remember the times we’ve stood up for what we believed, ended a toxic relationship, changed jobs, or set needed boundaries. I’ve fired doctors who were working in their best interest, not mine, and at one point went through 3 counselors before I found the perfect fit. These situations presented the practice I needed for developing deeper confidence. It helps to take past experiences, extract their wisdom, and stay in the moment.

Spending time with positive people is another way to boost confidence. Being around the energy of angry, critical people is a whirlpool into negativity. The kind of people we spend time with impacts us, so let’s choose relationships that are healthy and supportive.

Confident people trust their intuition, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time. My husband saved himself from a fatal accident by not going into the intersection when he had the green light. His intuition told him to stop just as a large vehicle he hadn’t seen ran the stop light at a high speed. It would have t-boned his vehicle and killed him.

Let’s unlock our inner confidence by loving ourself and embracing our own worth. Confidence in ourself will unlock our potential, increase our resilience, and help us live authentically. We build self-confidence one step at a time and even the smallest step counts. Let’s look for the signs that we’re getting there. There’s a quiet confidence inside each of us just waiting to emerge. Let’s embrace it and the gifts it brings.

Until Next Time – Sylvia