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My husband is mostly Swedish, I am part Swedish. Having traveled in Sweden following generational roots, we noticed the high satisfaction that Swedes have with their lifestyle. Checking international rankings on which countries are the happiest and most productive shows Sweden among the top. Logam is their secret. Logam is the Swedish philosophy of wellness that involves living a balanced lifestyle through moderation. It focuses on having enough but not too much so it’s a sustainable lifestyle that emphasizes the joy of existence over consumption.

Logam is fun and rewarding because it’s a balance between work, home, and relationships.  Here in America we often ignore this so we end up living in a state of exhausted extremes. When one aspect of our life overrides another, we need to call on logam to sort ourself out. Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical wellness are increased when we remove ourself from extremes and choose a moderate and balanced lifestyle. This promotes healthy productivity.

How can we incorporate this Swedish secret into our American lifestyle? Here are a few suggestions from observations we have made while in Sweden. One thing the Swedes do beautifully is slow down. They deliberately pace themselves so what is most essential gets done without loosing the personal time and self-care that is needed for balance. Slowing down helps us appreciate the moment we’re in. This is something I remind myself of when I feel myself getting anxious over my to do list.

Spending time in nature is a big part of the Swedish lifestyle. Nature is excellent at soothing mind and body and, if personal circumstances keep someone from being outdoors for a while, time with indoor plants is also rewarding. Another part of logam is doing more with less so possessions are simplified and clutter is eliminated. I’ve adopted their habit of eliminating something I have whenever I bring something new home. This keeps kitchen cupboards and clothes closets with enough but not too much.

Logam supports healthy self-care so reasonable schedules are planned, exercise is moderate, food is healthy and enough rest is a priority. Nothing is over the top so it’s all doable – that’s the pleasure of logam. Eliminating drama whenever possible is also helpful. If an argument is unable to end in a compromise, logam supports walking away and letting others have their opinions. It’s much better to cultivate peace than having to passionately prove a point.

Celebration is part of the logam lifestyle which means everything from everyday coffee times with others (always with something sweet to eat) to a weekend ritual and special occasions. Getting together for any reason to make memories and share love is part of logam. Swedes have only what they need which means there is enough for everyone. There is no hoarding.

Logam lessens stress, adds more happiness, and creates a more peaceful life. Why keep it a secret? Let’s share this, take a cue from the Swedes, and incorporate more logam into our life. Welcome to a new sense of balance.

Until Next Time – Sylvia