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There are so many ways to greet a new day, and how we choose to do it affects our experience of the day’s events. My husband and I had an unplanned experiment involving starting the day in two different ways. One morning we got up, grabbed our phones and began checking the news. At the breakfast table all we could talk about was how awful the news was, and by the end of the meal we were both distraught and crabby. It took most of the day to eliminate that negative energy. The decision was made not to do that again.

The next morning, we left our phones alone, picked up our favorite book of spiritual poetry and read to each other. We felt energized, uplifted and positive about the day, and this was reflected in our breakfast conversation. The tone of the whole day was set by how we began the day. It was a valuable lesson to both of us in setting clear intentions when we welcome a fresh day. Intentions reflect what is most important to us. The intention we set was to begin the day with self-care and kindness so that could flow throughout the day

What we need to know is that intention is like a seed that is nourished by our attention – the more attention it receives, the more it flourishes. What kind of intentional seeds do we want to nurture? One that I want to nurture is gratitude. When I first wake up, I think about what I’m grateful for and say a prayer of thanks. After nourishing the seed of gratitude at the beginning of the day, I continue to experience gratitude throughout the day.

If we set the intention that we’re going to trust that what we need throughout the day will be provided, we’ll have a calmness within us so life’s little surprises, like a dead car battery or the phone call that brings difficult news, won’t send us into a tailspin. That’s because we’re leaning into trust. 

If the intention of taking good care of our bodies is chosen, we can do gentle stretches after getting out of bed, drink a glass of water and select a healthy breakfast. With the intention of being an attentive listener we will do less talking and learn more about the people around us. Choosing to remain true to ourself throughout the day will clarify decision making. We can choose to do acts of kindness which enhance both the giver and the receiver. Intentions can be courage, compassion, finishing a project or being completely present with the people around us.

What we need to know is that morning routines are important, but no one routine works for everyone. It can be fun to discover what works for our particular needs. These choices will ground us so we feel ready to meet a new day. It’s this early morning focus that sets the pattern for the day rather than the day being in charge of us. So, let’s hug our kids, pets or spouse, and take a moment for meditation, prayer or journaling to prepare us for the day ahead.

The idea is to integrate into welcoming the day whatever works best for each of us so we begin the day well. If we keep it simple, with clear intentions, our whole day will improve. This doesn’t mean difficult things won’t happen, it means we will be better able to handle them. By doing this we gain clarity, calmness and increased confidence in handling whatever happens. Let’s say hello to our day with thoughtfulness and the intention to start the day the best way possible. 

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