Hello Day – What is it I need to know?

There are so many ways to greet a new day, and how we choose to do it affects our experience of the day’s events. My husband and I had an unplanned experiment involving starting the day in two different ways. One morning we got up, grabbed our phones and began checking the news. At the breakfast table all we could talk about was how awful the news was, and by the end of the meal we were both distraught and crabby. It took most of the day to eliminate that negative energy. The decision was made not to do that again.

A Thanksgiving Blessing

This year when gathered round the table
Exalt gratitude like tradition evokes.
Be thankful for all that you have, give, love, and know. Bless the food, the chefs, the earth. Relish in the togetherness —– No matter how it looks, feels, or sounds. And then take time to acknowledge the Pain.

Making the Most of Our Thresholds

Standing at a threshold, which is a place of change, is a theme that repeats itself throughout our life. Thresholds can represent both large and small events, carrying a variety of emotions. It requires courage to step past the unsettledness of unanswered questions and venture into the unknown.

Come As You Are

It’s tempting to identify ourselves by our job title, financial status, personal circumstances, physical fitness or affiliations. Where does that leave us when our marriage implodes, we lose our job or face a serious health diagnosis?

The Threads of Life

Threads have a long history of telling personal stories. History tells us that textiles were the language of the French elite who specialized in visual messaging through their clothing and artwork, choosing colors that declared allegiances and personal relationships. Political and personal statements were stitched into the folds of a skirt or drapes. Threads stated one’s lineage and wealth.